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David's Opportunity Center

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Welcome to David Hersh's

Opportunity center.

Mission of the center to offer a venue for people and non profits to make money at no cost. Yes I do have some programs that cost to.  First I have the free programs. This is not get rich quit more like money to cover gas or food or bills. Remember this is up to you



Opportunity Seekers I have other programs that is Zero cost that might be able to give you a income you are looking for. Go to







 other way to make some spare change




j Great pay to click site call Swagbucks



For Business this is what I have.(Non Profits scroll down to see what I can do for You)
 does a Have a name that the same as your
so you can not get one .Does a   Dot com cost
to much?                                    
I have the solution for you.
for only $ 10.00 a month you can 
Get Your Domain Today,Free 7 day trail .
: complete Unique domain,  Hosted domains and Forwarding.  personalized Support, 10 Personalized Email Addresses, Word Press Plugin, Powerful Marketing Tools,
Site Building Tools, Banners, Ads, Videos and
Now if you are a Business or Opportunty Seeker
check out the movie Become Affiliate
Generate income


You Be able to save Money

You Can make


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